Q: Are any utilities included in the rent?
Utility inclusion varies from building to building. Some buildings do not include any utilities, while others include heat, hot water, and/or electricity. Please contact the building manager of the specific property you are interested in and they will provide you with all the details for that property.

Q: Are pets allowed in the buildings?
Halifax4Rent allows pets in a few of its apartment buildings. Please check with the individual property to learn if pets are permitted.

Q: Do I need renters' insurance?
Tenants insurance is required for all of our properties. Proof of tenants insurance will need to be provided at the beginning of the lease and each year upon renewal. 

Q: How can I arrange a viewing or contact my building manager?
To arrange a viewing or contact your building manager please contact the building manager listed for the apartment building that you are interested in viewing/live in.

Got a specific question about a building or unit?

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